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The Mollycoddlers

The Mollycoddlers
John Corrigan
The Mollycoddlers is set in a barn in 1840 along the St. Lawrence River. Stanley, a life-long farm labourer, decides that working for someone else is getting him nowhere. He has a daring, yet potentially dangerous plan to change all that-pirating! His pal, Ed, too enthusiastic about their prospects, cannot keep their plan a secret during a night of drinking at the tavern. Soon, a whole cast of wannabe pirates have crashed the party. Stanley's plan quickly spirals out of control as he attempts to organize his "gang" and carry out the raid.
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Domino Theatre, Harold Harvey Centre, 52 Church St, Kingston ON
7 Jun 2018
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23 Jun 2018

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7 Jun 20187:30 PM
8 Jun 20187:30 PM
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