Love Me Forever Billy H Tender | Kingston Grand Theatre

Love Me Forever Billy H Tender

Dates: August 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 at 7:30pm

Created by Jesse Lavercombe


January 31st, 2021: Enter Billy H. Tender, Canadian teen pop idol. Billy is about to play new music for a raging audience in Toronto, but his family is elsewhere. His theatre theorist mother, Stella, has absconded from her research and is secretly soliciting phone sex with strangers. Hal, Billy’s adoring younger brother, hasn’t left his room… and no one is answering his calls.

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Ticket Pricing

$17.70 plus HST and handling fee

Performance Information

Grand Theatre, on Regina Rosen Stage
1 Aug 2017
Last Show: 
5 Aug 2017

Show Dates & Times

1 Aug 20177:30 PM
2 Aug 20177:30 PM
3 Aug 20177:30 PM
4 Aug 20177:30 PM
5 Aug 20177:30 PM