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Little Yarn Stories

This is a Grand Theatre Presents performance.


Created and performed by PAVLA MANO and MARIE-LYNE VERRET
Set design, weaving and costume design MAYA NIKOLOVA and IVAN STAVREV

Yarn. All kinds of balls of yarn - round, long, interlaced. They start moving! Tiny creatures become alive, transform, merge. Two women bring them to life and weave emotions, images and more...  A show that speaks about discoveries, encounters, contacts, relationships. A show on the topic of the thread. The thread that connects us to our mother. ( But also the one that connects us to our father , our grandparents and all others. ) The thread that we don't see but that attaches us, that sometimes breaks, sometimes is cut. All these threads that connects us with the others... Remaining faithful to it's artistic approach Puzzle Theatre offers you once again a multicolored performance with unusual puppets, humor and tenderness.

Performing in the Baby Grand, within the Grand Theatre - geared to ages 2 - 4.

Please join us at 10:00 am in the Davies Lounge for story time with Kingston Frontenac Public Library! Space is limited, so registration is recommended. Please email jpedler [at] to reseve your spots. Please be sure to visit the KFPL'S mobile library in the Whig Walkway after the show to check out a book to take home with you! Visit KFPL at

Ticket Pricing:

  • Adults tickets - $12.50 plus HST and handling fee
  • Student/Child tickets - $6.25 plus HST and handling fee

Photo Credit: Ivan Stavrev

Ticket Pricing

Adults tickets - $12.50 plus HST and handling fee, Student/Child tickets - $6.25 plus HST and handling fee

Performance Information

Presented By: 
Grand Theatre, Baby Grand Theatre

Show Dates & Times

9 Apr 201711:00 AM