Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal | Kingston Grand Theatre
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Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal

Join us for more! Join us for a pre-show In Conversation in the Davies Lounge starting at 6:30pm and a Talkback with the company from the stage immediately following the performance.

Faced with the tensions and uncertainties in today's world, Ballets Jazz Montreal has chosen to remain faithful to an aesthetic form of dance, which can also have an uplifting effect on the soul. This approach has earned it the title of "feel good company," often employed by both public and the media. Displaying its radiant and expressive style, BJM explores the creative side of contemporary trends, yet is still firmly committed to classical aesthetics and being accessible to all.

BJM's performance will feature works by the renowned Itzik Galili, a choreographer who has worked with numerous dance companies an built a portfolio of pioneering diversity creating more than 70 works for performance around the world.

Program: Mono Lisa, O Balcao de Amor, Casualties of Memory  

Dance Underwriter: Dianne Lackonick - Assante Wealth Management


© Photo: Leda & St.Jacques | Artist: Céline Cassone| Graphic design: Paprika.com 

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Ticket prices range from $44.50 - $9.75 plus HST and handling fee (depending on seat location and buyer type)

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Regina Rosen Auditorium at The Grand Theatre

Show Dates & Times

12 Apr 20187:30 PM