Emilie-Claire Barlow | Kingston Grand Theatre

Emilie-Claire Barlow

A Grand Theatre Presents performance.
For Juno award winning jazz singer Emilie-Claire Barlow, there never was a Plan B. No day jobs or fallback plans in case music didn't work out. "I've always been a singer, " she said. "I knew that's what I was going to do." It has been so much in her blood from the start that the Toronto born jazz vocalist and arranger remembers that she learned to read music around the same time she learned to read words. "It was part of our language," Barlow said, remembering childhood trips to recording studios with her parents, drummer Brian Barlow and singer Judy Tate.

Performance Underwriter: Shoalts and Zaback Architects Inc. 
Performing at the Grand Theatre, in the Regina Rosen Auditorium.
Tickets are $39.50 - $19.50 plus HST and handling fee

Join us for a Q&A discussion with the artist hosted by jazz musician Chantal Thompson immediately following the performance.

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Grand Theatre, Regina Rosen Auditorium
10 Nov 2016
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10 Nov 2016

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10 Nov 20167:30 PM