Compagnie Marie Chouinard: The Rite of Spring and Henri Michaux: Mouvements | Kingston Grand Theatre
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Compagnie Marie Chouinard: The Rite of Spring and Henri Michaux: Mouvements

In choosing to reexamine this powerful hymn to life, Marie Chouinard has created her first choreography based on Stravinsky's iconic score, The Rite of Spring explores a New World and marks the entry of dance into modernity.

In 1980, Marie Chouinard discovered the book Mouvements by Henri Michaux. In 64 pages of India-ink drawings, a 15-page poem and an afterword, Mouvements presents multiform figures that Marie Chouinard too please in reading literally, left to right and page by page, as a choreographic score. She then proceeded to decrypt the great artist's drawings and set dance to these "movements of multiple inkjets, a celebration of blots, arms moving up and down the scales." The book's transition to dance has been done "word for word", for even the poem in the middle of the book, as well as its afterword, are included in the choreography.

"Marie Chouinard's Rite of Spring is, in short, a masterpiece." - Alice Kaderlan, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Pittsburgh

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Dance Underwriter: Dianne Lackonick - Assante Wealth Management

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Regina Rosen Auditorium at The Grand Theatre

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30 Jan 20187:30 PM