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Bro Diaries

This is not a Grand Theatre Presents performance.
The Imaginary Theatre Company presents
Welcome to the world of Brad McMahon, a world full of keggers, girls, and bros. When Brad starts to fall for a girl, all of the values passed down through the ultimate bro (the elusive LaFluer) start to be questioned. Bro Diaries is a comedic look at the journey of the college bro, and gives a millennial view of dating, friendships, and getting #lit.
Performing in the Baby Grand, within the Grand Theatre.
Tickets are $12.08 plus HST and handling fee

Performance Information

Grand Theatre, Baby Grand Theatre
9 Mar 2017
Last Show: 
12 Mar 2017

Show Dates & Times

9 Mar 20177:30 PM
10 Mar 20177:30 PM
11 Mar 20177:30 PM
12 Mar 20172:00 PM
12 Mar 20177:30 PM