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Almighty Voice and His Wife

Almighty Voice and His Wife
by Daniel David Moses
Presented by Theatre Kingston

It's 1895 and a young Cree couple have fallen in love and wish to marry - but the cow the groom has procured for the feast is stolen and the penalty for killing a cow without a licence is death. Written by acclaimed First Nations playwright Daniel David Moses, Almighty Voice and His Wife reimagines this true story within two wildly different acts, moving from a tragic love story to a hilarious post-modern vaudeville act.

..."One of the few plays firmly considered as part of the canon of great Canadian drama..." - Christopher Hoile, EYE Weekly

25 years ago Theatre Kingston was established and Daniel David Mosess seminal play premiered - it was a very good year! We are thrilled that Lib Spry, the director of that original production, has returned to revisit the play and she has invited some of the most foremost indigenous theatre artists working in Canada today to join her in the re-telling of this unforgettable story.

At the Grand Theatre, in the Baby Grand Theatre

Ticket Pricing

Adults - $27.79 plus HST and handling fee; Students - $14.51 plus HST and handling fee: Student groups of 10 or more, discount available

Performance Information

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Grand Theatre, upstairs in the Baby Grand Theatre
21 Sep 2017
Last Show: 
7 Oct 2017

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