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Bounty Enterprises presents
ABBAMANIA with The Bee Gees, Cher, Adele and The McCartney Show

Back By Popular Demand

Abbamania is the world's number one production of Abba returns to the Grand Theatre. The show consists of studio musicians that recreate Abba live in concert. They are the only Abba production to perform for the cast of Mama Mia. Hear the hits from "Waterloo", "S.O.S" to "Dancing Queen". Also on the same show is Night Fever as the Bee Gees. With all the high harmonies and stage presence of the Bee Gees, they will be performing songs from "Jive Talking", "Too Love Somebody", "Stayin' Alive" to "You Should Be Dancing" plus many more. Abbamania and Night Fever perform over 200 concerts a year and they will take you back in time when Abba and The Bee Gees ruled the pop music world. Special guests are the Cher, Adele and the Paul McCartney Production. They look and sound exactly like the real artists. Each song done note for note, chord for chord, like the original recordings. It will take you back in time .

New York Times- "Vocally superb"
Rolling stone Magazine - "Abbamania and Night Fever are incredible"
Cast of Mama Mia - "Abbamania is ABBA"
Globe& Mail - "I thought I was watching and hearing the original Paul McCartney, Adele and Cher , Wow!!!"

Performing at the Grand Theatre, in the Regina Rosen Auditorium
Tickets are $45.00 plus HST and handling fee

Ticket Pricing

$45 plus HST and handling fee

Performance Information

Grand Theatre, in the Regina Rosen Auditorium
17 Feb 2018
Last Show: 
18 Feb 2018

Show Dates & Times

17 Feb 20188:00 PM
18 Feb 20187:00 PM