31. Present Imperfect: Speculative Fiction | Kingston Grand Theatre

31. Present Imperfect: Speculative Fiction

31. Present Imperfect: Speculative Fiction
Reading and Conversation
Elan Mastai
with Marc Garniss

Award-winning screenwriter turned novelist Elan Mastai sends us to an alternate world, a thrilling techno-Utopian paradise where flying cars and robot maids are a reality, then challenges us to ask ourselves if that reality really is better than our own, and whether we really will want the futures we now imagine? With Kingston Canadian Film Festival director Marc Garniss, Elan talks about the mechanics of time travel, the experience of adapting his own novel for screen, and where the two art forms cross over or diverge.

A co-presentation by KWF and Kingston Canadian Film Festival

1:30 – 2:30 pm
Holiday Inn, Islandview Room
2 Princess Street, Kingston ON K7L 1A2

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Adults - $20.00 plus handling fee; Seniors (60+) - $18.00 plus handling fee

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Holiday Inn, Islandview Room

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30 Sep 20172:00 PM