Curriculum Connections:

  • Early Literacy
  • Dramatic Play
  • Classic Children's Literature
  • Drama
  • Music

Grades K-2

In Goodnight Moon, a young rabbit goes through a bedtime ritual of saying goodnight to every object in sight and in his imagination, from the pictures on the walls to the brush and comb, to the moon and stars, to “the old lady whispering hush.” The text is written in the form of a rhyming poem.

In The Runaway Bunny, a young bunny tells his mother he wants to run away. “‘If you run away,’ says his mother, ‘I will run after you.’” And so begins an imaginary game of chase. Whatever the little bunny declares he will change himself into — a fish, a rock, a bird, a boat, etc. — his mother replies that she, too, will change herself so that she can always keep her little bunny safe and protected. 

The performance of Goodnight Moon & The Runaway Bunny employs a variety of styles of puppets — including rod and table-top puppets — to tell the two stories. Amazingly, all of the puppets and scenic elements are manipulated by just three puppeteers!

Education Underwriter: CIBC Children’s Foundation