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Theatre-performance-group Ontroerend Goed produces self-devised work grounded in the here and now, inviting their audiences to participate as well as observe. The company has won numerous awards across Europe and has hit New York, Sydney, London and Hong Kong to critical acclaim. Their work is currently being performed in countries around the world.

Like its title, this performance is a palindrome. You will be able to see it forwards and backwards. Because some people believe humanity is moving forward, while others believe the opposite. Some say the world is coming to an end, others call them doomsayers. No matter who’s right, in our quest for progress we have dramatically changed the world we live in. Are our actions irreversible or can we undo them?

Date: Friday, February 17, 2023 at 1:00 PM

Grades: 7-8

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Science and Technology, Environmental Education, Environmental Stewardship, Personal Decisions/Global and Environmental Impact

“The most consistently challenging theatre-makers of the past decade.”– The Scottish Journal of Performance