The Jim Cuddy Band | Kingston Grand Theatre

The Jim Cuddy Band

Oct 8th, 2014 - 4:12PM /
Kat Evans
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The Jim Cuddy Band visits the Grand Theatre on Saturday, October 18!

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As a founding member of Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy has been at the centre of Canadian music since 1985. His third solo album, Skyscraper Soul, was the by-product of a collaborative venture Cuddy engaged in with his wife, Rena. In the spring of 2010, and at the end of an extensive Blue Rodeo tour, he set out to write the music for his wife's comedic short film Four Sisters. Not all of the music suited the film, but what didn't became the basis for the new album.

“When I write songs for my solo material, the songs tend to be a lot more personal than what I write for Blue Rodeo,” says Cuddy. “I come in here and sit down with all of these instruments and work at building the ideas until a song emerges. Once I’ve demoed the track and played it for the band, we work on fleshing it out.”

Recorded at The Woodshed -- Blue Rodeo's studio -- Skyscraper Soul is a love letter to Cuddy's hometown, Toronto. In an interview in the National Post, he says “I’ve wandered Toronto’s streets in the middle of the night as a young musician and is this not the most beautiful place in the world? There’s a lot going on behind every door and I wanted to gather the dust of the city on Skyscraper Soul.” His voice has never sounded better and his songwriting skills continue to be among the best in the country.

This is a show that's not to be missed!

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