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Canadian Dancer Returns Home with Internationally Renowned Hong Kong Ballet

Feb 29th, 2016 - 7:00AM /
Victoria Condlln

Standing strong on the toes of a talented group of dancers and choreographers, the Hong Kong Ballet has established itself as one of the premier ballet companies in Asia. Since 1979, the Hong Kong Ballet has evolved into a vibrant organization, and is becoming internationally recognized as a world-class institution.

Coming to Kingston in March, this riveting and lively show features some locally grown talent, Canadian-born Jessica Burrows of Markham, Ontario.

“(Coming) home is quite exciting for me and my family,” She explains on The Morning Brew of her upcoming Canadian shows. “(They) get a chance to see me dance.”

The show, which features a mixed-bill of dances, offers a variety of emotion and movement, while still emanating the classical beauty and creativity of a traditional ballet.

“We open with a ballet called In Light and Shadow by Krzysztof Pastor.” Burrows explains, “It’s neoclassical, energetic, and very diverse – everyone in the company is moving.”

Jessica, who portrays the red-skirted soloist throughout the piece, graduated from the Canadian National Ballet in 2009. After spending a year within the National Ballet of Canada’s training program, she joined the Hong Kong Ballet as a member of the Corps de Ballet and in 2015 was promoted to the company’s Coryphée.

“I try to do better every time,” Burrows says of individual shows. “Every show there’s new audience members who are seeing (the ballet) for the first time…you want to give them your best performance.”

Other pieces within the show include A Room of Her Own, an original dance by Fei Bo of the Hong Kong Ballet. A Room of Her Own is the tale of frustration, self-doubt and torment that writer Lu Xi feels toward her relationship with her husband. Also included in the March 12th performance is Castrati, a powerful piece choreographed by world-famous dancer Nacho Duate. Castrati explores the meaning of masculinity and the significance of sacrifice in a world that demands perfection.

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