Bruce McCulloch: Young Drunk Punk | Kingston Grand Theatre

Bruce McCulloch: Young Drunk Punk

Jun 10th, 2014 - 4:41PM /
Kat Evans
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Bruce McCullogh: Young Drunk Punk
October 24, 2014

     “Never date a woman who thinks a dream catcher is birth control device.” That’s one of the hard-earned life lessons that Bruce McCullough shares in his new autobiographical show, Young Drunk Punk. Comedian, writer, director, and legendary Kid in the Hall, McCullough mines his past as a ‘young drunk punk’ and brings us a performance that is both funny and moving.

     Looking back on the ‘80s in Calgary and then Toronto as well as his modern life with his “trophy kids” in Hollywood. McCullough’s show is sometimes edgy, sometimes irrational, and sometimes in song – much as his life has been. This is an inside look at the making of a man, a father, and a comedy legend.

     Check out Bruce's interview on Q: