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Playbill Cover with Flamenco VivoPlaybill CoverGrand Theatre Playbills

The Playbill for Grand Theatre Presents is a premium Kingston advertising opportunity. You will reach:

  • Kingston's affluent, well-educated, culturally minded families with children of all ages
  • Urban singles and couples with higher-than-average disposable income
  • Zoomers, with comfortable incomes, that love to cook, travel and of course enjoy live performances.*

Depending on the year, 6 or 7 Playbills are produced over the course of the Grand Theatre season, from September to May. These gorgeous magazines deliver in-depth information on the artists and shows at The Grand Theatre during that period, including biographies, repertoire and colour photography. Edited and designed by our partners at Kingston Publications, it’s a beautiful, high-quality, digest-sized magazine that often serves as a souvenir after the performance as well.

Download the rate card in PDF form here.

For rate card and bookings in the Grand Theatre playbill, please contact Daphne Christie at dchristie [at] or 613-549-8442.
*Source: Environics